Thursday, June 13, 2013


Toronto mayor Rob Ford is a piece of work, for sure. No argument. The fact that he today voted against giving city money to Pride, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Art Gallery of Ontario, along with other worthy organizations of arts and culture, is no surprise.

This is not the first year he's done this. This time round he had two buddies-in-line: Three blind mice, in total.

Some people have been quoted as being disappointed in the mayor's negative vote. They must realize, and I'm sure they do, that Ford does not understand "art". ("Art Eggleton?")

I feel sorry for the man. His small-minded attitude makes him miss out on what a city like Toronto can offer in expanding and enriching the mind. (Sorry, Rob, the Toronto Maple Leafs do not count... plus the fact that they continually count themselves out.)

The Toronto Sun and its faithful 'readers' will, no doubt, love this latest news of Ford's desire to deny cash to any kind of useless arts organization but we're talking of people who are simpletons, for the most part.

Someone should take Rob Ford to the "Ballet" and introduce him to Stravinsky's "Petrushka"....

The Toronto Star...
Mayor Rob Ford votes against funding Pride, TIFF, symphony

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