Friday, June 7, 2013


I was on Youtube looking for material on the late French animator and film director Rene Laloux when I stumbled upon yet more Star Trek. Forty years ago, this coming September, premiered a Saturday morning animated series called Star Trek.

Produced by the prolific Filmation studio, maker of both live action and animated productions, this cartoon wouldn't be confused at all with the typical fare in that coveted weekend kids' slot.

On September 8th, 1973, I was one of those kids. I had heard about the new version of the famous SF television series only a few days before while watching NBC's 'Saturday morning sneak-preview' show. When the program revealed the animated Trek, I was at first surprised and then excited; the teaser clip shown was from the episode "Beyond the Farthest Star", which would be the one to premiere this new line of cocaine. What a slow week that was.

To be honest I have not seen the animated show in years. As for "The Slaver Weapon" -- embedded and linked below -- I have but faint memories. I do remember watching this episode and enjoying it very much for its "rogue" quality -- there was no Starship Enterprise, or Captain Kirk.

A little background: "The Slaver Weapon", which first aired on December 15th, 1973, was scripted by famed hard science fiction author Larry Niven. He based it, with minor changes, on his short story "The Soft Weapon" (which I have not read, but should).

When I get a few minutes free I will watch and prep my impressions for a future posting (or insert them in the comment section below).

Anyway, if you care, enjoy!

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