Tuesday, June 18, 2013


"CBC, CNN; hmm, who next?..."
Last Friday, June 14th, I wrote a piece (here) on George Stroumboulopoulos' bad luck in the ratings department with the premiere of his new show on CNN: Stroumboulopoulos had anemic viewer-numbers, to put it mildly.

I have long thought that "Strombo", with his CBC talk show alone, is in way over his head; I fear that George will flounder in his new south-of-the-border version.

Time will tell, certainly when Stroumboulopoulos moves to its regular Friday night slot.

Writer Tony Wong of the Toronto Star did this follow-up story on Saturday...

George Stroumboulopoulos's CNN debut gets dismal ratings

Read the comments beneath the article -- I'm convinced that some dim-wits from the Toronto Sun comment boards made a migration. Some clueless comment person said that he is tired of George's "leftist views". How is he a "Leftist"?

A lot of people, neo-cons, mainly, don't even know what "Leftist" means... or "Socialist", or "Liberal". (Right-wingers really do suffer greatly.)

Too many people tie Strombo in with their hate-on of the CBC. I don't think much of the man, as I've said more than a few times, but I never think "stop wasting my tax dollars on this idiot!"

Anyway, I will make a point to try Stroumboulopoulos.


DonaldAR said...

I've no doubt George's blend of light humour and soft-pedalling the celebs (A niche owned by Leisure-Suit Larry King) will not do well in the land of Neanderthal intellects. I fail to see, however, how he (or, in fact, ANY) talk show host is: "in way over their head?" Unless, perhaps, they are interviewing Noam Chomsky or Barry Smight. Next you will be blaming Jian Gomeshi ("Q") for the Billy Bob "CBC Incident" Thornton interview debacle! Just try it! World o' pain, Bro'; World o' Pain!

Barry Smight said...

You make several good points.

Nah, Thornton did that all on his own. Bloody embarrassing, that was.

Thanks for your comment, pal. Or, as a typical right-winger would say, "thanks for your comment pal".

Greg Woods said...

Man, all the ranting you do about Strombo can only mean one thing... you're attracted to him.

Barry Smight said...

All I can, or should, say is: "Immensely." lol.

Why do you think I called him "Georgess", besides the obvious Standard Oil reference?

Yep, ever since he passed me on the street that day.... (he's a little guy)