Friday, June 28, 2013


It's a long weekend. I had no idea, until early this morning, that this was a long weekend -- here in the great country of Canada. Because of this oversight I have nothing to do. Not true, of course.

I have two or three banked postings asking for a little going-over, which I've already mentioned...

* Disraeli Gears, a 1967 music album from the band Cream (for you young-ones).

* Blank City, a documentary on the "No Wave" and "Cinema of Transgression" movements.

* Born Into This, a documentary on writer Charles Bukowski.

This weekend I will have some time to get the above up on this here blog, even with a time-demanding freelance illustration job now on my table.

Please check back here before the end of the Canada Day Weekend (Monday night). Now I have to produce.

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