Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Every town and city needs a "village idiot". Sue-Ann Levy of the Toronto Sun takes this role to exquisite heights (as does Michael Coren).

Her column yesterday about Toronto being a "city divided" is a good one in principal, because she is clearly correct, but in typical Sun Media style she has to turn it into a mad-as-heck rant against the Left...

"Left-wing media..."
"Left-wing media..."
"Left-wing media..."
"Left-wing media..."

... I kid you not. (Is she okay?)

"The downtown dwellers, the left-wing media and the A-listers have been apoplectic for the past three years — unable to swallow the idea that he [Toronto mayor Rob Ford] won, fairly and squarely."

No, no, Mr. Barris... I mean, Ms. Levy; 'we' have indeed swallowed (accepted) the fact that Mr. Ford won, and, as you so eloquently state, "fairly and squarely". It is your inherently neurotic right-wing anger that produces this delusion. If my Lefty buddies and I have a problem with Mr. Ford, it is because of his manner of performing his duties (or not).

A simple, understandable, and palatable concept... 'we' thought, anyway.

"Toronto is a city divided"

The best part of Levy's rancid rant is her story about going to an autobody shop. The aim of her recount is rather elementary, but precious in its childishness.

Did they tell you that? Did they?!

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