Saturday, June 1, 2013


Toronto Sun columnist Michael Coren: "Morgentaler no hero"

Dr. Henry Morgentaler.
While I appreciate Mr. Coren's opinions on the issues of abortion and Henry Morgentaler there are details within which only serve to reveal personal contradictions in his arguments. Not lost is the internal issue of whether or not, as a Roman Catholic, he is willing and able to offer forgiveness to the controversial figure.

Despite what the always-angry columnist thinks, someone who supports the right to have an abortion is not a "zealot"; they are "pro choice". There is a big difference. In addition, I doubt they regard the right to this choice as a "sacrament of modernist, left-wing theology". (I understand that Coren feels that almost everything must be politically driven, and anyone who has an opinion which conflicts with his own is an enemy, and at best, a delusional one.)

In his column Coren goes on about the sanctity of life, which I support. I just think his argument is odd considering it comes from someone who vigorously supported the invasion of Iraq, where thousands of people died -- including, no doubt, the unborn.

But that's okay; as an atheist, I forgive him.

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