Monday, June 10, 2013


The National Post newspaper is known for some outstanding art direction within its pages (and online).

Jonathan Forani, David Corrigan, Andrew Barr, Joe O'Connor, and Richard Johnson of the Post ask whether we like "Cuddly 2009 Bieber" or "Gnarly 2013 Bieber". Choose your favourite version of Justin Bieber -- "Who do you love?"

Well, I don't really know what I think; I'm not really someone from the target market. But, what this reminds me of is King Kong Escapes. In that terrific Toho film from 1967 are real flesh, blood, and fur "King Kong", and, as created by Dr. Who ("Hu" in the original Japanese Kingu Kongu no gyakushĂ» ), "Mechani-Kong".

What the National Post should have asked, perhaps, is the question: Real "Bieber" or "Mechani-Bieber"?

Some cynics might be more direct by asking: "JustinBieber or MechaJustinBieber"?

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