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The post title alone and the word above would suffice as my point, but I should explain...

As noted by many fans, ice hockey player equipment has grown to ridiculous proportions. Safety is one thing, as in gear protectiveness, which has benefited from improvements in methods and materials over the years, but "width" is another. Quite simply, this equipment has turned into something out of Marvel Comics. There are plans afoot to propose some changes in the National Hockey League. There should be more proposals, however.

Cesare Maniago, with the Minnesota North Stars.
The goaltenders are too wide. What used to be a good goal net size (4' x 6', and it still is, big, although you wouldn't know it) is now considered to be inadequate -- there have been calls to have the dimensions increased. No. Decrease the goalie dimensions. And get those pads back to a 10-inch width.

When I look at footage or pictures taken of NHL games from years ago my first thought is the players looked more "human". Goal keepers like Tony Esposito and Cesare Maniago looked so much better than the super-heroes of today.

Times change (as I like to say), equipment changes, players have certainly changed, but it is important to maintain some sort of proportion.

The Toronto Star article, linked below, covers a breadth of proposed rule changes in the NHL, many of which I welcome, but the "equipment issue" is the one that has long annoyed me; and you do not like to see me annoyed, I know.

"NHL players vote for mandatory visors, hybrid icing"

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