Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Youtube user "Crud Spews" uploaded a video which he titled "Michael Coren's unscripted & and uncensored response to a Muslim call to prayer (Adhan)".

Coren is a bigot, absolutely, but considering that he won't shut up about being a devoted and good Catholic, this video has a strange odour. That guy is full of hate -- "bigot" is too soft a word.

I remember witnessing something strange, even chilling, on Sun News a couple of years ago: After we returned to the studio from a block of commercials, host Alex Pierson said, as she held her hands up to co-host Coren, "you really scare me sometimes". In response he did a little Jack Nicholson-as-the-Joker-like shake of the head; goo hoo hoo hoo. (Is he mentally ill?)

I find it odd that Coren was not fired by Sun News, or reprimanded by the CRTC, for this childish and improper, not to mention unprofessional, behaviour...


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