Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I was in the midst of watching the documentary Wild Man Blues when I decided to take a break and check the Toronto Star website to see what was happening in the news. Front and center was the headline "Actor James Gandolfini of 'Sopranos' fame dead at 51".

Sad news, and a shocker, of course.

I was never able to get into The Sopranos, the acclaimed television series in which Gandolfini starred as "Tony Soprano", but I did appreciate the show's qualities. The man deserved the accolades he won, for he made the viewer believe.

Interesting I should be watching a doc on Woody Allen; one of my favourite quotes from James Gandolfini concerned the famous comedian: Gandolfini said that he found it odd that he was admired for his portrayal of a mobster. He clarified by saying something like, "I'm really a wimpy guy in real life... a sort of beefy Woody Allen".

I understand that James Gandolfini was a very nice man. He did much to spread the wealth with his fellow Sopranos cast, for instance. It's admirable that an actor at the height of fame should be so well-balanced, kind, and generous. You don't often see that.

The Toronto Star...
James Gandolfini of ‘Sopranos’ fame dead at 51

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