Monday, August 19, 2013


Sitting still and idle is not my style, but today was a day where I had to sit constantly; hour after hour. Without going into too much detail, I am paying for it right now. "Walk it off." (I've never understood how people can sit for hours on a regular basis; watching television, for instance.)

In the past week I have sat for a couple of hours here and there watching movies, and a TV episode...

El Mariachi (1992) - As good as ever; launched a career.

The Living End (1992) - My first viewing of Gregg Araki's breakthrough flick; not my 'arena', exactly, but a very good film. Years ago I saw the director's Totally Fucked Up (1993).

Metropolis (1927) - That was easily my sixth or seventh time seeing Fritz Lang's uber-epic, but my first time with the 'full version'; even more terrific; great score!

UFO episode "Confetti Check A-OK" (1971) - Outstanding; reminded and convinced me that another series/season of that show should have been made instead of initiating the feeble series Space: 1999.

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