Thursday, August 29, 2013


The ever eloquent and lucid George F. Will has something to say about U.S. President Barack Obama and the impending military strikes on Syria allowed by rhetoric and bending the truth of the law.

I am hardly equipped to even paraphrase Mr. Will, so I'll send you straight to his current column for the Washington Post. He almost single-handedly makes up for all the ignorant Conservatives in America simply because he is hyper-aware... as opposed to being hyper-clueless; which is the mark of your average neocon, especially the kind on right-wing newspaper comment boards (hello, Toronto Sun). Where I am equipped with an "informed opinion", as writer Harlan Ellison so puts it, I am more often than not in disagreement with Will. But my admiration for the man is based upon his sharpness of thought -- something you rarely see from the right. (This is unfortunate. Politics would be a little bit more interesting if certain people were actually informed. "Information"; what a concept.)

As for the issue at hand, the upcoming military action by the U.S.A. against Syria: Not one of these again. Limited bomb and missile campaigns are all but useless. There is something goofy about cruise missile launches from warships during 'not serious' military campaigns. As much as I'm interested in the subject of air power, that military arm is, by itself, ultimately ineffectual unless there are lots of targets sporting colourful signs stating, "Hit Me!" (There are targets of this type in Syria, it's just a lot harder to make a real and strategic difference, as the strikes on Libya a few years ago proved. A lot of ordnance is fired off or dropped but the gains are often frustratingly small.)

Boots on the ground! Until then, turn off. President Obama must reach past his own verbiage at a time like this.

The U.S. should keep any militaristic thoughts out of Syria. It cannot afford another one of these scenarios.

The Washington Post...
Obama is talking America into a war

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