Thursday, August 1, 2013


Starting Tuesday, August 6th, the busy Toronto intersection of King and Spadina will be shut down for two weeks so the streetcar tracks can be changed.

Normally what happens with such procedures is that partial shutdowns are done at the intersection, but the radical method of replacing the tracks all in one pre-fab piece demands that the whole x/y traffic be stopped. The section is pre-welded and dropped whole into place which makes it an easier job than recreating the assembly piece-by-piece on location.

This is how the streetcar tracks were all changed-over at the intersection of King and Church, back in the summer of 2004. I happened to be walking by/through when the big crane was dropping the track section into place. I wished I had my camera.

Since these days I'm down at that intersection a few times a week I will make sure that I don't miss this one.

"King-Spadina intersection to close for two weeks"


DonaldAR said...

...while Toronto core delivery drivers curse floridly!

Greg Woods said...

As if King isn't already a nightmare enough.

Barry Smight said...

Yeah, in my original draft of the posting I had a final paragraph saying something like "a lot of people will be upset, but the work has to be done sometime".

As I've been known to say, "the math is simple": There are too many condo towers going up in that area. It's literally out of control.

"Urban Planning?... what's that?"

Or, as Archie Bunker once said, as he fanned a small deck of cash: "Money talks, Meathead."