Thursday, August 8, 2013


For a larger picture, click-on the picked-on.

The above picture was taken very recently on Ezra Levant's "Freedom Cruise". Some tweeter made a joke like, "look at all the ethnic diversity... lol".

That is very funny.

I had a closer look at the pic and noticed the woman standing on the right, addressing the guests. It looks as though she's holding a vase, or an urn. In my estimation this is asking for a 'caption contest'.

My first two...

1. "If one I.Q. point could be given the value of one basketball, then I could stuff the I.Q. points of all our special guests into this."

2. "Most of you in this room could soon end up in...."

Okay, readers: Outdo me!....

(Pardon the apparent meanness; I'm just looking for cheap laughs. Sarah Silverman has influenced me.)


Dominic M said...

Lemme guess...this is some kinda Teabagger thing!

Barry Smight said...

Ha ha! Excellent.

Thanks, Dom!

DonaldAR said...

I find the list of speakers on Ezra's "Freedom Cruise" LOL funny. A veritable "Who's That?" list of global warming deniers and right-wing nut jobs. Given today's CRTC's ruling (CRTC rejects Sun News bid for mandatory cable spot -, I wonder if the itinerary will change? Perhaps they could subscribe to Sarah Palins's legacy, and apply for asylum in Alaska?

Barry Smight said...

You are right; that cruise is "LOL funny". It's also pathetic. A miserable lot all being reminded by slightly different versions of the same mentality how hard-done-by they all are. Pure ignorance. Never questioning outside their own answers; only hearing what they want to hear. Absolutely pathetic.

Yes, that is troubling news for Sun News. They have to start being more professional and balanced in their trade. That would be a big start.

The incompetence, and incompetents, must go.

The sticky problem is their viewer numbers are so tiny. Forty percent coverage is not good, but doubling coverage would result in negligible gains. 10,000 + 10,000 is still only 20,000. That sort of idea.

Sun News will not survive -- it's pretty obvious.

Thanks for your comment!