Tuesday, August 27, 2013


"Take off, eh? You hoser!"

I've never understood why sports teams feel they have to reconfigure after almost winning the grand prize: Stanley Cup, Gold Medal, Pennant, whatever. The fact is the stick just happened to fall on the wrong side, in most cases. That is why they happened to lose the championship. Obviously they made it that far in the league or tournament run because they are good.

So, what we have here is the USA Hockey team working through the tryouts trying to get that magic assemblage of men for next year's 2014 Winter Olympics. Yes, Sidney Crosby scored the game and series winner in overtime back in February of 2010 to take the Gold for Canada, and also to make the USA Team players eat their words from minutes before ("We're going to win the Gold Medal." Something like that; arrogance of that ilk.)

The fact is, however, the American club lost a very close game and series... the Medal type was determined in that game's overtime period. So why are they looking for the magic dream team?... Which doesn't exist, anyway. Chemistry -- the "Miracle on Ice" proved that, once and for all.

Having said that, I do realize that players have to be evaluated for the new squad.

By the way, why is U.S.A. Team player Patrick Kane saying this?...

“It’s gold or bust for us this time around.”

It is?....

The Washington Post...
A new approach marks USA Hockey tryouts ahead of 2014 Games

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