Monday, August 19, 2013


Like many people I grew up having both a cat and a dog in the house. While I do like dogs very much, I gravitate towards the feline side of pet ownership: Cats are complex animals and are unique in that no two specimens are exactly alike. As a rule they are immensely cute, I think, but it's the little personalities that get me. I'll put up with their 'nonsense' only because I know that deep down they are laughing at me and my kind.

Norris, a two-year-old tabby cat from Bedminster, Bristol, England, is an authentic and practicing cat burglar. The wee beastie has pilfered assorted items from his neighbours: Dishcloths, sports bras (?!), T-shirts, pizza, German sausage... Shall I go on?

I'll let the Guardian explain...

Cat burglar lands owners with a pile of stolen goods

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