Saturday, August 17, 2013


The U.S. government has officially acknowledged that the much mysterious "Area 51" does indeed exist, but not as a repository for U.F.O. material such as flying saucers and Calcinator Death Rays.

Washington Post correspondent Richard Leiby commits an interstellar sin: He refers to veteran writer Harlan Ellison as being from area "sci-fi". Also, check out what Mr. Ellison's take is on people who think "we we are regularly visited by aliens and that they are at Area 51"...

Government officially acknowledges existence of Area 51, but not the UFOs

Actually, any alien artifacts left Area 51 years ago to move to somewhere in northern Ontario, Canada (see picture above). The facility has been unofficially called, tongue firmly in cheek, "Area A".

There's a big wasp flying around my apartment as I write this. It must be from... it's one of them there new-fangled drones!

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