Saturday, August 24, 2013


A first season Star Trek episode penned by the late horror scribe Robert Bloch has something within it which the writer probably did not describe as such in his original teleplay. All the times I've seen "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" I never noticed that certain something before, but when you see particular still-frames there can be no denying that the Trek art department pulled a fast one on the network sensor... I mean, censor.

I apologize to all the lady readers to this blog, but I'm sure you have a sense of humour. Jean Messerschmidt, the network censor in question for NBC during the years of Trek's production, must have had one.

Great pulp episode, by the way. My brother and I agree that all the many ingredients in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" (such as; a big tall android, mad scientist, beautiful androidess, subterranean catacombs, ice & snow planet, 'bottomless' pit, and an android duplicating machine) ask for everything from original poster art to an original novel. A "Doctor Korby" novel could be interesting -- and I don't consider myself a Trekkie. Yeah, right....

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