Friday, August 9, 2013


The Toronto Star has a sense of humour. Memorable moments from Sun News Network, eh? Well, as far as I'm concerned there are too many to put in one article or blog posting. In the few hours I've watched (lately online) there were more than I could care to remember.

Instead of single moments it's more a case of Sun News being "memorable" in a broad sense. Angry, bitter, and hostile on-camera hosts, and incompetent ones at that, forever forcing the technical department, which is also incompetent, to adjust the video's skin-tones.

That is not news reporting or analysis. It's just a zoo of buffoons.

As for the affixed picture above: Yes, I saw that infamous little "interview"; the poster child of Sun News foolishness. Who is the most beautiful woman in that frame? I wonder....

Memorable moments from Sun News Network


Jon said...

By the oddest coincidence, the TVA Group unloaded their majority share stake in Sun News a week ago. One wonders if they got an advance tip on this outcome.

Barry Smight said...

Wow. I wonder what's going on there. "Advance tip"? Very possible, but probably more to the inevitability of the CRTC's decision.

Thanks for the comment and link!