Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Tonight I was going through some video files saved on one of my USB sticks and found a documentary that I downloaded and watched a few months ago: Visions: By Fans...For Fans - Doctor Who's 31st Anniversary Celebration.

The doc was produced in 1993 by Public Broadcasting System station WXEL Television in West Palm Beach, Florida. PBS was the network which introduced Doctor Who to many Americans. Even though a few Jon Pertwee Who stories were shown in the mid-seventies, it was a dedicated and thorough presentation in 1978 of Tom Baker's take of the character that blew the market wide open in the U.S. for the British import. It should be noted that Doctor Who was shown here in Canada by the CBC way back in 1964/65; specifically it was the first series/season which was shown -- William Hartnell was the man.

Watch American Doctor Who fans in action, supporting the show that they love (and they have taste). Part One of four...

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