Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Sydney Newman.
Doctor Who, especially its creation, has long fascinated me. I've read a few books on the development and production of the original series, including "Doctor Who: The Early Years" (by Jeremy Bentham; not that Jeremy Bentham), and "Doctor Who: The Key to Time" (by Peter Haining). I just can't get enough.

Back in December of last year someone uploaded to Youtube an outstanding 54-minute-long documentary called Doctor Who: Origins. Covered is the meeting of the television minds of BBC Head of Drama, Canadian Sydney Newman, and his staff, including writers Donald Wilson and C.E. Webber. The documentary outlines the step-by-step creation of a television series which, unbeknownst to the creators of course, would be built of superior genetic material and would keep travelling forward through time. (Let's forget the neuter NeuWho, outside of the fact it is in production fifty years after the famous Time Lord first hit the British video airwaves. Anyway, my opinion does not matter, really. Facts are facts.)

If you are fascinated by the creative process, but not Doctor Who in particular, you still may find the documentary interesting, but if you are a true Whovian, then this is the cat's whiskers and highly recommended.

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