Tuesday, August 27, 2013


... Why, in Pinewood, England, U.K., of course; as the home base. Shooting will happen also in countries far, far away.

It's a shame that Pinewood Canada, here in Toronto, was not picked as rebel... I mean, home base for the next Star Wars movie. Those sound-stages could use the occupancy, Toronto film crews could use the work. I'm sure that that complex was discussed as a possible centre; it's just as possible the type of work would be too much for what Toronto crews are used to, and, the Canadian Dollar is too strong, and has been for a while. (To be honest about it, I can't picture a schleppy Toronto film crew working on a Star Wars movie.)

Hopefully the next Star Wars script will get as much attention as the shooting locations....

Story from Variety...
Where in the World Will the New ‘Star Wars’ Films Shoot?

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