Saturday, August 10, 2013


A few days ago my computer decided to go into standby mode -- fine -- but for some reason I could not get the screen to reactivate so I could shut it down. After doing some idle things around my apartment I noticed that the computer had not changed its status. I tried to shut it down but for some reason all systems were still go. (Did I press the off switch? I must have tried that.)

Anyway, I thought there was only one way to really shut the bugger down. "Pull the plug, Barry."

Oh, no. That immediately reminded me of the Star Trek episode "The Ultimate Computer" and, specifically, the M-5 computer. ("Fantastic machine, the H-P, no off switch.") Did Dr. Richard Daystrom design my computer? ("Engrams?") I made sure I wasn't wearing a red shirt, or I could very well have ended up like this...

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