Thursday, August 1, 2013


Dreary NewWho's dull cast members Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman.

As I've blogged about earlier in this blog's existence, I have never been able to "get into" NewWho (2005- ). Sure, the Doctor Who reboot show benefits from the wonderful imaging technology that filmmakers and tv-makers have access to today, but it lacks something. Something, as the Brits would say, "vital".

John Doyle, outstanding television columnist from the Globe and Mail newspaper, and mild-mannered football fan, last week treated the subject of NewWho (and new Who Matt Smith) from his own perspective: How he gave up the show at the age of 10 and, like a lot of young lads, discovered and gravitated towards sports and girls; leaving his "geek" days behind him as, at best, fond memories.

When I sample the OldWho (1963-1989) I am impressed with some standout episodes ("Inferno" and "The Green Death"), and because of these, and technology can ultimately take a back seat as far as I'm concerned, the new Doctor Who series 'looks' and feels second-rate. Sorry, NewWho fans... of all ages. (Why is it that everyone in NewWho suffers Verbal Diarrhea?)

The good news is, helping my own fond memories of the original show, the BBC is producing a dramatic television film titled An Adventure in Space and Time which will outline the origins of Doctor Who. I can't wait... TARDIS

John Doyle on Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary...
"After a half century, Doctor Who is contemporary, witty and cool"

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