Sunday, August 18, 2013


Those of us who even just casually watched the CBC series Man Alive, were saddened to hear the news of Roy Bonisteel's death. He was the first and by far the best host of that long running standout television program; his tenure covered twenty-two years, 1967 to 1989. Peter Downie took over after that but, as nice and pleasant an onscreen personality as he was, the show was not the same -- which only reinforced just how good Bonisteel was as host. His presence, I think, was one of sympathy for the subject matter; as a series whole and for a particular episode. (The series' filmmaking was also of a high quality.)

I suppose that my rejection of organized religion at an early age lessened any attraction I might have produced for a series seemingly ensconced in 'the church'. Man Alive's humanity should have registered more with me; after all, "humanity" is something I've long been interested in; "church of", or not.

Now, of course, I want to see some samples of Man Alive. Typical.

Toronto Star...
Roy Bonisteel, former CBC television host, dies at 83


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